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Hello! Would you like to participate in jam about creating pixel art assets not games?


I recommend you to add

8x8 tag, if it is 8x8 size

16x16 tag, if it is 16x16 size

32x32 tag, if it is 32x32 size

¡Te ha quedado muy lindo!

¡Muchas gracias, amigo!

This is very, very good

Thank you!

Thanks this is amazing

You're welcome!

Oh, I thought the sheep would be included. Any chance you could cut & add it?

it's free for commercial use?


Look nice and clean thanks !

Glad you like it!


Can you post the wood door too pls?


The heavens have heard your request and a door has been added. Rejoice!

Hey! Thanks a lot for you work, it's super cool for new developers like me to be able to us assets like these straight away!

Just a question, is it possible that the tileset is missing the "entrance" of the house? I can't find it anywhere but maybe it's my brain blocking it out ahah

Keep up the good work!

Hey Martin,
You're correct, it is indeed missing! I'm surprised nobody pointed that out thus far.
I've updated it now.
Thanks for your support!

Este pack con que progamas funciona


All of them, amigo.


Hey Sharm!
Oh I recognize you! I remember stumbling upon your tiny16 set a handful of times when I was learning pixel art and looking up references. Nice to meet you haha.

Yeah you're right it's MortMort's SoftMilk32 palette with a couple changes.
To be honest this tileset had been on the shelf for months, I figured why not share it, you know? Thank you so much for your support!

It's so weird to get recognized.  It's not completely unexpected (well, not anymore anyway) or unpleasant, I just don't understand how I could make something and people would remember my name.  I feel like I'm not a memorable person.  Right now it's kinda fun, especially since I'm being remembered because of art and not a random braindead moment or something like that.  Noteworthy not notoriety. ;)  Nice to meet you too!  I hope you liked the set.  Man, that was done so long ago now.

I've been meaning to try out the Softmilk palette, but I've been using DawnBringer's for so long that I keep expecting every premade palette to work like it.  I've tried to work with Arne's in particular a few times and keep getting annoyed that it has different colors than I expect.  It's pretty silly.

I do know, yep.  It's kind of nice sometimes to go through your art project folders and clean a few things out, make some people happy.  I should do that again sometime.  Or maybe try out a new palette with something small and give away the results, that could be fun. 

I've got you followed now, so I won't miss anything else you post here.  :)

Very nice!  I recognize the palette, I think, but I can't place it.  Which one did you use?  Or is it original to this?  The whole thing is lovely, I hope to see more later.  I'll have to send something your way when I can afford it.  Thank you for sharing it.