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Where do souls go when their vessel perishes? Afraid of the aftermath following the death of the body, the populace decided it was best to locate the cemetery across the vastness of distant hills. The undertaker there might tell you, that souls do linger, and sometimes roam freely too...

This set is part of the upcoming/in development "Jestan's VLADVANIA" group of assets, tiles and sprites are subject to change and more content may be added in the future.

Cemetery Hills was inspired by timeless retro-game classics and contains a plethora of different assets for a platformer game, tiles start at 16x16 and go up to larger sizes.
Including, but not limited to:
- A platform tileset with tile variations and many other matching tiles to spice up your designs;
- Beautifully crafted parallax backgrounds;
- Decorative props and interactive objects with short animations.

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Buy Now1.00€ EUR or more

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